Harry Potter Portal into Greek and Roman Mythology

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Portal into Greek and Roman Mythology

When someone mentions “mythology” what do you think of? It is probably Greek mythology, with Zeus and Poseidon, Hercules and Odysseus. Of course there are hundreds of mythologies around the world, and we will study three of them, but to Westerners Greek mythology is the big one. 

 The mythology of the ancient Greeks permeates the literature of Western culture in art, drama, and literature, and for centuries artists have used the stories of Greek mythology as inspiration. If you read English or American literature, especially the “classics,” you cannot escape references to Greek mythology. The Harry Potter series joins those books as part of a long line of books that use Greek mythology to enhance and enrich the story. Being aware of these references and understanding the context in which they are used, can give you a deep understanding of the story and will help you enjoy it even more than if you were unaware of the mythological foundation. Understanding the Greek mythological reference to the dog “Fluffy” and of Hagrid giving Harry a flute for a gift, will make reading that part of The Sorcerer’s Stone much richer. 

The Harry Potter books are filled with references to Greek mythology. We can see the influence of Greek and Roman mythology in character names, spells, and even the circumstances in which Harry finds himself. Join me as we explore the Greek mythological references of the Harry Potter world

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