In addition to writing novels about Vikings, K.S. has also written a collection of essays about her experience practicing the martial art, Aikido. Her love of the Harry Potter series and love of mythology and history led her to create the Harry Potter Portal, a place where Potter fans can go to learn about the mythology, history, and literature referred to in the series. If you love Harry Potter and want to learn more about the mythological underpinnings in it, this is a great place to start. 

Harry Potter Portal: Exploring Mythology, History, and Literature through Harry Potter

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“If you have practiced Aikido or any discipline for a few years, you might recognize her discoveries, stumbling blocks, and her gratitude and joy for all of her like-minded ‘travelers’ who have encouraged and supported her over the years. It is a personal yet universal journey and tale.”

~Hans Goto, Shihan

When Kim Barton walked into an Aikido dojo, her life was transformed. She never imagined herself doing a martial art, had never even heard of Aikido until a few months before, and yet, there she was on the mat in a dojo. Off the mat, Kim thought about Aikido and how it affected her life. 

In the process of earning her third degree black belt, Kim journaled, wrote essays and blog posts about her personal Aikido journey. These writings have been compiled into this book. Taking inspiration from O’Sensei, the wisdom of her teacher and visiting teachers, and quotes from martial artists like Bruce Lee, Kim contemplates Aikido, self-discovery, and life. 

Aikido: One Woman's Journey of Self-Discovery

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