Stories of love, family, honor, and betrayal set in the Viking age.

New Release! A Deal With odin

When the Valkyries take her husband to Valhalla, Hilda embarks on a journey to the land of the gods to see him one last time. Armed with her unwavering love and guided by the mischievous Loki, she braves the way to Asgard, only to find that her arrival brings trouble. Once she crosses the threshold to Valhalla, not even Odin can foresee the chaos unleashed by her presence.

Hilda’s reunion with her husband is fraught with menace from the other Viking warriors in Odin’s hall. The magic of Valhalla is broken and the balance between good and evil upset as long as Hilda remains in the land of the dead. In a desperate bid to escape, Hilda is aided by gods, goddesses, and Valkyries, as they rush to return her to the human world. 

With the chaos around her reaching its peak, she must make a heart-wrenching sacrifice. Will Hilda be able to outwit the gods and find her way back? 

New podcast! Shieldmaidens: women of the norse world

Shieldmaidens: Women of the Norse World is a monthly podcast that takes a deep dive into the lives of women in the Viking Age, exploring their roles, experiences, and contributions to Norse society.
Hosted by fiction authors Johanna Wittenberg and K.S. Barton, each episode explores the fascinating stories of Norse women from historical accounts, sagas, and archaeology. From shieldmaidens and queens to farmers and priestesses, we’ll uncover the varied and complex roles that women played in Norse culture.
Join us as we explore the rich and often overlooked history of Viking women.

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Book One

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Hauntings: An Anthology of ghostly tales

Fury of the cursed Ship by K.S. Barton

A Norsewoman shipwrecked in a cursed land. Does she dare enter the ghostly barrow to confront the undead’s fury? 


"It is a personal yet universal journey and tale." Hans Goto Shihan

When Kim Barton walked into an Aikido dojo, her life was transformed. She never imagined herself doing a martial art, had never even heard of Aikido until a few months before, and yet, there she was on the mat in a dojo. Off the mat, Kim thought about Aikido and how it affected her life. 

In the process of earning her third degree black belt, Kim journaled, wrote essays and blog posts about her personal Aikido journey. These writings have been compiled into this book. Taking inspiration from O’Sensei, the wisdom of her teacher and visiting teachers, and quotes from martial artists like Bruce Lee, Kim contemplates Aikido, self-discovery, and life. 

Aikido: One Woman's Journey of Self-Discovery

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