Raven Tempted

A Cocky Viking. A Forbidden Love. A Ruthless Enemy.

As he wanted, Helgi is enjoying the Great City of Constantinople, armed with a new friend and a new name-Helgi the Marked. They carouse through the city, from Hagia Sophia to the Hippodrome, until a drunken chance encounter with two wealthy women sends him on a path of forbidden love and intrigue. Bewitched by the lure of power and gold, Helgi soon finds himself a pawn in another man’s game – a man who wants nothing more than to take the young Northman down.

Before long, the woman Helgi loves but can’t have is in danger. His worst nightmare is about to come true. One man controls the fate of them both, and Helgi must choose. This was not what he meant when he said he wanted to experience everything the Great City of Constantinople had to offer. 

Raven Tempted is the second book in the Helgi the Marked duology.