Warrior and WEaver

Bjorn Alfarsson cares nothing for the blood feud that has raged for years between his foster-father and brother. But when Bjorn’s best friend is killed by the son of their bitter enemy, he is drawn into the long-standing conflict. With the safety of his children at risk, Bjorn does whatever is necessary, but the hatred he has wrought threatens to unravel his world. 

Astrid Tryggvisdottir is the daughter of a powerful jarl. What she wants most is to marry a man she loves, and to keep her loved ones protected, but hers is a world fraught with hardship and danger. Her father’s blood feud has now spilled over onto her and her brothers. Astrid must decide whether to sacrifice her own happiness or that of her family. If she chooses wrong, everyone she cares about will be in danger. It is up to her to weave the two families together. 

Book One in the Norse Family Saga.