Hero and Healer

Shifting allegiances. A curse unbroken. Danger prowling around every corner. 

While the strands that wove Astrid and Bjorn together have grown strong, new challenges threaten to unravel what they have created. 

After allying with his brother-by-law and enemy, Bjorn finds himself out of favor with his chieftain, and must navigate the tricky waters of changing oaths and deep-rooted blood feuds. 

Out of the chaos, Astrid must unearth a deep well of courage to protect her loved ones and herself. Her hard-won love of Bjorn is put to the test as new families are created and old family ties renewed. 

As the Warrior and the Weaver, the Hero and the Healer, Bjorn and Astrid must use all the tools they possess to overcome their enemies and forge a new life. 

Book Three in the Norse Family Saga