Raven Marked

A forgotten identity. A found family. Scars from the past. A young man comes of age in the turbulent, violent world of the Viking era. To survive, he must trust the ravens. 

Called only “dog” by a cruel owner, the boy escapes alone through the mid-winter woods guided by two ravens who lead him to safety. With a strength he does not believe he has, the nameless child chooses a name, finds a family, and begins to heal. 

As part of a trading crew, Helgi travels from the far North lands of the Sami to the island of Alba in the West until, as a young man, he arrives in the Great City of Constantinople.

Through much hardship, Helgi grows from boy to man, slave to protector, and from unwanted to beloved. But, no matter how much he is loved or how strong he becomes, Helgi yearns to discover his true identity.

Will the wounds of his past keep him from forging his own future? Or will he transform them into marks of strength?

Book One in the Helgi the Marked duology. A side story in the Norse Family Saga.