An anthology of ten ghostly historical tales

The Norse Family Saga Series

Set at the height of the Viking age, love, revenge, betrayal, and loss bind two families together.

Warrior and Weaver-Book One

“Pretty” Bjorn Alfarsson loves three things: fighting, women, and his children. Bjorn cares nothing for the blood feud that has raged for years. But when Bjorn’s best friend is killed by the son of their bitterest enemy, he is drawn into the long-standing feud. With the safety of his children at risk, Bjorn does whatever is necessary, but the hatred he has wrought threatens to unravel his world.

Astrid Tryggvisdottir is the daughter of a powerful jarl. What she wants most is to marry a man she loves, and to keep her loved ones safe and protected, but hers is a world fraught with hardship and danger. A blood feud, which has torn through her life, has now spilled over onto her and her brothers. Astrid is pressured to sacrifice her own happiness and marry the enemy. At stake is the safety of her family; if she chooses wrong, everyone she cares about will be in danger. It is up to her to weave the two families together.  

Sword and Story - Book Two

Determined to make her mother proud and to be the weaver that threads both families together, Astrid takes on her role as Bjorn’s wife. 

Living in the village of her family’s enemy is lonely and terrifying. Harold’s people let her know they want her dead or want her husband, or both. Astrid fears her sacrifice is worthless as she is faced with dark plots and rejection, even from her own husband. 

Bjorn burns. With lust for his wife. With hatred for her family. With the need to protect his own from the enemies surrounding them. 

Having a wife has made Bjorn vulnerable, and within him a resentful war rages. He is Harold’s wolf, a vicious warrior who shows no mercy. He is also his father’s son, and memories long buried surface as his wife’s gentle and kind nature fills his home. He must protect his family with his sword, but he longs to create beauty with them instead. 

Hero and Healer - Book Three

Shifting allegiances. A curse unbroken. Danger prowling around every corner. 

While the strands that wove Astrid and Bjorn together have grown strong, new challenges threaten to unravel what they have created. 

After allying with his brother-by-law and enemy, Bjorn finds himself out of favor with his chieftain, and must navigate the tricky waters of changing oaths and deep-rooted blood feuds. 

Out of the chaos, Astrid must unearth a deep well of courage to protect her loved ones and herself. Her hard-won love of Bjorn is put to the test as new families are created and old family ties renewed. 

As the Warrior and the Weaver, the Hero and the Healer, Bjorn and Astrid must use all the tools they possess to overcome their enemies and forge a new life.