Viking Nicknames

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Click here for audio Ever wonder why Vikings had so many nicknames?  The Vikings had to use nicknames because their society was patronymic--they derived their surnames from their fathers. So, if a man named Olaf had a father named Erik, Olaf would be Olaf Eriksson (Olaf Erik's son), or if his father's name was Bjorn, he'd be Olaf Bjornsson. If…

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Thor in Drag

Click here for audio version What would you do if you lost your favorite possession? Something that kept you and your entire family safe? If you were a man, would you dress up as a woman and pretend to be the bride of your sworn enemy?  If you were Thor, you would.  Thor Loses Mjolnir One of my favorite stories…

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Thursday is Thor’s Day

Click here for audio version The People's God It’s a stormy day, thunder crashes, lightning crackles. You think it’s caused by lightning, air currents, and sound waves. But it’s actually caused by the Norse god Thor (one of the mightiest of gods) as he fights giants.  Thor is the god of storms and protects both the gods and men. Unlike…

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